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Our Property is now for Sale

The property is located in the heart of Austria in the most visited tourist region Zell am See – Kaprun – Saalbach with very busy summer and winter season. Overnight stays in 2017 was 5.000.000 (5 Million). In the last 10 years Zell am See evolved to a top holiday destination for vacationers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Katar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. This fact is a big game changer.

Property Details

Year of construction


Accommodation units

36 Apartments for holiday and long-term tenants and 10 small studios for short term rentals.

Studios, 1-room apartments, 2-room apartments and apartments with 3 rooms or more, spread over the ground floor, 1st floor and top (attic) floor


6.000 m²

Living Space

2.037 m²

Winter garden area

18 m²

Commercial space (KFZ) Including paint box

310 m²


267 m²

Common rooms

111 m²

Amount living area/floor space

3.012 m²

Covered roof terraces I.

167 m²

Balcony space and loggias, staircase II.

43 m²

Balcony space, staircase III.

24 m²

Terraces space, staircase II.

81 m²

Paved parking areas

for 56 cars (concrete paving stones)

Zoning of the entire property

Rural heartland

Building permit

Decision of the Zell am See planning office – 14.03.2002, Zl 02/152-1797/70-2002

Final approval (for construction)

Protocol of the hearing of the Zell am See planning office from 27/01/2010 Number: 30602- 152/1797/89-2010

Property type


The three-floor property (ground floor, 1st floor, top floor (attic))is at the centre of the central Pinzgau region Zell am See – Kaprun and Saalbach in a sunny, rural and tranquil location. Behind the building there is a large garden and lawn area for general use.

Current Marketing Plan

One half of the property: permanent leases with fixed-term leases (contract duration: 3 years)
– Termination depending on the date of the conclusion of the contract;
The second half of the property is currently being converted into holiday apartments step by step.
This measure serves to increase the profit.

Apartment furnishings

All units come with tiled bathrooms with bathtubs/toilet or showers. Some toilets are separate. All apartments are fitted with  built-in kitchens. The floors are tiled, laminated or wooden. All exterior windows and doors are of plastic, double-glazed with u-value 1.1.
All roof windows have been replaced with large panoramic windows. The holiday apartments are completely furnished.

Method of Construction

Brick – solid construction with external heat insulation using 6 to 10 cm of polystyrene.

Property video

Take a look at our property's aerial video during the spring of 2018.

Heating System & Hot Water

Automated pellet-fuelled central heating and hot water system.The fuel storage holds the annual requirement.

Low operating Costs

Danish fireplace stoves have been fitted in five apartments (Top 5, 6, 13, 14 and 21) as well as the yoga studio.

Street Access from main Road

Access is via a private road with public transport; the prescribed proportionate costs for connecting the site have been paid in full.

Drinking Water Supply

Water is supplied by the Lahntal-Bergern-Haid water board, the connection costs have been paid in full.

Separation of Dirty Water

Dirty water is disposed of through thePinzgauerSaalachtal water treatment association. The connection costs have been paid in full.

Power Supply Service

Power is supplied from the Salzburg AG grid. The connection costs have been paid. Internet connection and cable-TV using the cables of Salzburg AG (fibre optic or coaxial). Telephone landline connections from A1 Telekom in all apartments.

Zoning and possible uses of the property


The property has been classed as a rural heartland in accordance with § 17 Para. 1 No. 4 Salzburg Raumordungsgesetz (Regional Planning Act).This permits, amongst others, small and medium-sized trade and commercial enterprises, tourism buildings, agricultural and forestry industrial buildings, residential buildings, buildings for education, training and other cultural/social projects and public administration.

Endless Possibilities

The types of use permitted for the property are therefore almost limitless. Being granted a permit to construct a similar property at this location today would no longer be possible under any circumstances (drinking water connection, sewage connection, transportation links, and compatibility with regional planning laws).
Current marketing: long-term tenancy withfixed-term tenancy agreements (tenancy duration of 3 years) –the end of the tenancy depends on the date it was signed.

Important files

Please click at the Dropbox image in order to download important files like floor plans and profit estimate....

Exterior & Aerial Images